Yoga with Drorit

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Welcome to my membership site! My name is Drorit and have been a yoga instructor for 20+ years. I own my own yoga studio in Southern California where I teach a blend of Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga Therapy. My goal is to combine the elements of physicality, detailed instruction, available spirituality, sweat, and, most of all, an undeniable heart opening experience for my students.

Although I teach Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar principles are very important to me because alignment keeps you safe by keeping you out of your joints and working with energy and muscles. Once you’re in alignment you also become exponentially stronger.

You will find three collections of Vinyasa Classes to suit your experience level or simply your mood for the day. Level 1 (Beginner/Gentle), 2 (Intermediate) & 3 (Advanced) are ALL available to you. You may practice all levels and decide you want to heavily modify or conversely, add challenging components to a practice that catches your eye for the day.

If you are a beginner or are simply seeking to learn a deeper understanding of the poses, enjoy the Beginner Workshop Series which we offer you a detailed breakdown of the classic poses, movements, breath and basic principles to make you ready to practice yoga safely.

The effects of yoga are so magical that one doesn’t need to be all serious all the time! As long as your focus is the breath the body the alignment and who you truly are, the magic happens without having to push it and be anything you’re not.

You are your own master teacher.

  • Welcome to Yoga with Drorit

    1 season

    Dear Yogis,
    This project was a unexpected but long-time dream of mine! When the pandemic hit each and every one of us, in many different way, I felt it was my place to continue to donate my time and energy to deliver yoga to those in need of some well-needed attention to the body, mind and soul a...

  • Vinyasa Level 1 - Beginner

    1 season

    These classes will be geared to the newer yogi as well as the gentler yogi. Sequences will be instructed and demonstrated with detail to alignment, breath and focus. These classes can exist as the perfect level of physicality for you or serve as a building block to move to the next level if so de...

  • Vinyasa Level 2 - Intermediate

    1 season

    These classes are more physical and are demonstrated in a way to build more heat, consistently paying attention to alignment, breath and focus. There will always be cues to modify, for those gentler yogis who would like to explore yet continue to keep up. The practice of building strength by heat...

  • Vinyasa Level 3 - Advanced

    1 season

    These classes will be extremely heat building and recommended for yogis with moderate to advanced experience. Specific instructions will be provided including modifications and are highly recommended to be followed. Although these classes will be strength building in a variety of ways, detailed ...

  • Learn Yoga - Beginner Workshop Series

    1 season

    These 12 classes are presented in two part, the Introduction and Class, 24 parts in all, based on the outline and curriculum taught at Drorit's yoga studio, I-Yoga (Intimidated, Inflexible or Inexperienced) Novice Series.
    This workshop is unique in that it has a 3-fold purpose: 1) a detailed inst...